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Flare Chimney & Tower Inspections – SkyMotion
Available 24 Hours 07740966224

Flare Chimney & Towers

Scale New Heights

It takes less than 30 seconds to fly to 400 feet and get immediate video feedback.  Multiple chimneys can be check in one safe, single flight.

Traditional methods of inspecting flare chimneys and towers meant long and costly shut downs, lengthy inspection processes and extremely hazardous areas to work in. Where able, a manned helicopter could be scheduled to facilitate the aerial platform for the crew to inspect from, but that method comes at very high cost and is dependent on availability and weather.

We can perform a live inspection in very little time, allowing you to continue production, keeping your maintenance crews safely on the ground and providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions, before we’ve even left your facility. Your onsite engineering staff can view the live video and request further inspection on critical or questionable areas.

With longer focal length lenses we can maintain a safe distance in complex areas or move in closer for ultra high detailed stills and video allowing highly detailed analysis to take place.