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SkyMotion Media

Industrial inspections, Rail & Tunnel Surveys, Antenna, Wind Farm, Offshore, Stonework, & Emergency Callouts

Established in 2016 and based in Sunderland Tyne & Wear, Sky Motion Media fly cutting-edge Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA), predominately known as Drones. These platforms offer a unique prospective and superior service in aerial data capture, visual inspection, surveying as well as aerial media production. SkyMotion Media pilots are CAA Certified and fully insured for public liability ensuring the very highest levels of Health & Safety are maintained. We are governed by strict air laws that have been put into place by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and follow Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 393 – the air navigation order and regulations. Adhering to these laws will ensure that all procedures are adhered to when operating around buildings and structures and within the vicinity of the public.

Some of Our Services

Building & Roof Inspection

Our building and roof aerial inspection service provides a cost effective and improved way of capturing information without the drawbacks of conventional methods. Utilising HD digital imagery and filming capabilities surveyors can now identify any defects before they deteriorate to the point where major works are required.

Bridge Inspections

Despite being relatively accessible, bridge inspection can be time consuming.  Our systems are able to gather video and stills evidence from every angle, including below. This provides real time analysis as well as post flight evaluation.

3D Mapping & Ortho Imaging

We offer 3D mapping and ground survey solutions for various applications. SUA’s are ideal for rural areas, archeological surveys, urban site construction, and terrain mapping. During processing all the images of the region are then stitched together into a seamless geo-referenced mosaic map.


Construction Survey

We offer an aerial construction survey capability allowing for any site of any size to be accurately imaged and 3D-modelled. By utilising software our SUA can cover large areas in a short space of time, generating orthographic maps to a high level of detail enabling the site’s progress to be monitored as it develops.

Wind Farms

Traditional inspections of wind turbine structures can be high risk and time consuming. Utilising our SUA with its onboard sensor provides a fast, effective method of inspection. Reduces the need for rope access and heavy equipment while minimising downtime to services and ultimately reducing costs.

Powerline Inspections

Power line maintenance involves examining pylons, inspecting their insulators and detecting thermographic problems. Our SUA equipped with various sensors can fly to within a couple of meters which will allow for improved safety measures whilst also reducing the disruption associated with conventional methods of inspection.